Watch Live TV. Enjoy Streaming. Get Rewards.
Viggle offers an innovative Rewards platform for entertainment enthusiasts. Viggling starts when you simply check into your favorite shows or movies on TV or streaming. Not sure what to watch? Use the Bonus Shows section to discover new shows and find the best bonus point opportunities.

Detailed case studies are coming soon.

iOS  / Android  / Respsonsive web

Branding  / Concept  / Creative Direction  / UI/UX  / Web Design  / Interaction Design  / Development

2017 – 2018



Earn Points – Check into any live TV or streaming program to start earning Perk Points with Viggle! Earn more the longer you stay watching!

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Score Bonus Points – The Bonus Shows section is the perfect way to rack up even more Perk Points on Viggle. Look out for bonus Point badges (2x, 3x or more), Viggle LIVE (real-time trivia), and more.

Get Rewards – Redeem your Perk Points on your Viggle App for over 800+ Gift Card options, Prizes, or exchange your Points for cash with our powerful prepaid debit card, Perk Plastik.

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